Welcome To My Blog

Hello There! Welcome to my first blog post. I'm gald you came to my site 😃. In this article i'm going to talk about me / why i started this blog and what is my blog about. Feel free to give me your feedback, about this article, and also dont forget to subscribe to my site, to get latest content. So without wasting our time let's get started...

Who am i

My full-name is Rapur Harish Babu & my nickname is Harish. I'm from India, One of the 2 large population country in the world. I was born in October-1-1998.  If your interested in seeing my pictures click here to visit my Instagram profile.

Why i started blogging?

Well the main reason i started blogging because i like to share my Thought & Hobbies with someone. Who is interested in it or find my blog post helpful.

What is my Blog about?

My Blog is about me doing thinks like web-design, front-end development , games and more. I will write a post articles related to those topic for you.

Feel Free To Give Me Feedback

Hey visitor feel free to give me your feedback, That make me feel good. if you have any doubt about my article or if you want to talk on somethings else, use the comment box / contact page in the site.

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- Harish
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